sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2009

Dear Citizens
Our List "Alive Force" is formed by a group of independent citizens, without obedience to political parties or private interests, whose only purpose that encourage us is to serve the Town of S. Martinho do Porto.
Our motto is to work with great commitment to defend the development of our land, claiming to be intermediary of people with local expertise to boost the town.
Our difference is that we are independent of any partisan interests. We are therefore a number of citizens:
- Owners of their ideals and beliefs, without haughtiness;
- With desire to serve, without servility;
- Who believe they have conditions to be useful to S. Martinho do Porto and achieve the dreams and projects that we would like to see implemented in our Town.
With determination and desire to set a new direction for the Town, we propose the election for the Assembly of the Parish of S. Martinho do Porto.
It is up to the voters of this Town judge our program and give us the opportunity to serve the population and their interests.
Greetings Cordial Independent